NodeReal Unveils Future Product Roadmap in Making Web3 Real

NodeReal announced the latest product roadmap update to summarize the recent progress and success of its products, partnerships, and community.

NodeReal Unveils Future Product Roadmap in Making Web3 Real

NodeReal, the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure and services provider, has held our very first birthday celebration event in Singapore with 400 leading web3 projects participating in the event. During the event, NodeReal announced the latest product roadmap update to summarize the recent progress and success of its products, partnerships, and community.

The announcement comes right on the heels of NodeReal’s 1st year anniversary as the Web3 infrastructure company continues to experience rapid growth in the mission to provide the fastest, most scalable, and reliable blockchain solutions to empower everyone’s decentralized journey, and "Make Your Web3 Real”.

NodeReal 1 Year (1.0)

The company started the journey with its leading blockchain API product MegaNode. With zero downtime and solid performance capability, MegaNode has supported many large-scale Web3 projects and served more than 10K registered users with over 1K weekly active users to date. It is one of the fastest-growing blockchain products in 2022.

Over the past 12 months, NodeReal has partnered with many top-tier projects, companies, and institutions in the Web3 world, ranging from DeFi, NFT, Gamefi, Wallet, Data Analytics, and more. The most recent collaboration includes NetMarble, Certik, Litentry, Safe (Previous Gnosis Safe), Galxe (Previous Project Galaxy), The Graph, Apeswap, etc.

As the core contributor for the BNB Chain, NodeReal further sets its high-performance benchmark on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, etc to support more projects infrastructure needs. The most recent partnership with Aptos is expected to start a new era in the Web3 world while “the fastest meets the fastest”.

NodeReal x BNB Chain

We’re happy to announce that NodeReal has been chosen as one of the August 2022 BNB Chain project stars. This award proves that NodeReal is the best of the best when it comes to fostering innovation within the BNB Chain ecosystem!

NodeReal provides 70% of public and private RPC Services for BNB Chain, the real hero behind the scene. The support sets a strong foundation for the ecosystem, also establishing its thought leader position for the BNB Chain. Moving into Q4, NodeReal is even more determined to become a one-stop technology partner to BNB Chain.

NodeReal x Aptos

The fastest Network meets the fastest Node Infrastructure. NodeReal always seeks to collaborate with projects that have the same mission and vision in all of its business relationships. In the case of the partnership with Aptos, this couldn’t be more true. NodeReal supercharges the Aptos infrastructure, including but not limited to the full node, Explorer, Enhanced API, and many more to expect in the coming Q4.

NodeReal Coming Year (2.0)

As NodeReal moves into Quarter 4 of this year through unprecedented times in the Web3 industry, to say the least, let’s walk through what NodeReal has planned.

Hard-core one-stop platform

Carrying on their effort to alleviate the technical burden for developers who want to build high-end dApps, by taking over all of the blockchain heavy-lifting with their high-performance, scalable, and user-friendly one-stop blockchain solutions.

The one-stop solutions will come with more innovation and services in the coming 2.0 version. The 2.0 version is designed to support more variety with a strengthened solution capability. From Blockchain-as-a-service(Baas) provider to blockchain access layer and Web3 application toolings, the one-stop solution roadmap is getting more complete as below.

NodeReal API Marketplace

Another exciting product to share is the open and community-driven API Marketplace built by NodeReal. The product went LIVE in September to support the fastest enhanced APIs through everything NodeReal does. Their mission to empower developers by “Make your Web3 Real” is something that was particularly looked after as NodeReal announced the support of more powerful Enhanced APIs, NFTs, Fungible Tokens and new Debug APIs, and more in the making.

The open API marketplace allows partners and developers to join forces and be co-built. NodeReal opens an avenue for the community to build for the community. NodeReal will continue to work towards its goal to “Make Your Web3 Real” by allowing users to potentially develop APIs on the Marketplace, and therefore allowing the developers to take better advantage of a larger variety of APIs.

Lastly, NodeReal means “Know the user real” (Node User Real), and is expecting to work closely with more partners to respond to the real user requirement effectively and support the reach of Web3 mass adoption faster.

The company is currently running a special MegaNode promotion in celebration of its first-year anniversary. This promotion is valid till the end of October 2022.

About NodeReal

NodeReal is a one-stop blockchain infrastructure and service provider that embraces the high-speed blockchain era and empowers developers by “Make your Web3 Real”. We provide scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions for everyone, aiming to support the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem.

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