Embracing Mass Adoption - A Letter from NodeReal COO

NodeReal COO Ben Zhang reflects on our progress over the past 2 years and shares our vision and approach for the road ahead of Y2024.

Embracing Mass Adoption  - A Letter from NodeReal COO


Founded in September 2021, NodeReal has been dedicated to delivering High-Performance Blockchain Infrastructure for Web3 Mass Adoption. Our mission is to become a one-stop solution and service provider. Over the past two years, we've navigated through numerous successes and challenges. Throughout this journey, we've achieved continual growth, expanding our team, product range, and support for multiple ecosystems.

Achievements in 2023

2023 was a challenging year for Web3, particularly within the infrastructure sector. Despite the hurdles, we witnessed remarkable achievements. Our community experienced exponential growth compared to 2022:

  • A thriving base of over 30K developers, marking a 212% increase.
  • Integration of 27 chains, achieving an impressive 237% growth.
  • Reached over 300K ATH (All-Time High) QPS in MegaNode.
  • Built a new Rollup as a Service (RaaS) Solution and deployed 2 L2s (opBNB and Combo) on the mainnet.
  • Twitter followers surged by 105%, growing from 39K to approximately 80K.

In addition to our community growth, we've achieved several significant milestones in our product and service offerings. Join us as we gradually reveal the key achievements that mark our journey.

MegaNode Proven Performance across BSC/opBNB/Combo Network ATH

The purpose of MegaNode is to provide the highest-performance RPC/Archive API services. 2023 has been an opportunity for infrastructure players like ourselves to showcase our capabilities. Many EVM-compatible blockchains including BNBChain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism reached their ATH transaction volumes due to the bull market cycles and some real stressing testing from inscription campaigns. Maintaining high QPS accessibility is crucial. NodeReal's MegaNode, as one of the top node providers in the BNBChain ecosystem, has demonstrated its prowess during peak times.

BSCTrace and opBNBScan are blockchain explorers built on the MegaNode services. During the BSC and opBNB ATH, they were the only explorers still able to display the latest blocks and transactions. (Tweet from BNB Chain).

Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) enhances blockchain network scalability and efficiency by leveraging optimistic and zero-knowledge technology. Major industry players, such as Arbitrum (Orbit), Optimism (OP Stack), zkSync (Hyperchains), and Polygon (CDK), have launched different tech frameworks for developers to create application-specific rollups. RaaS providers offer varied services, from comprehensive management to no-code development.

Many top projects have built their blockchains with different RaaS solutions, for example, API3’s OEV network on Polygon CDK, Combo network on OP Stack from NodeReal, Lyra Chain on OP Stack, etc. NodeReal's RaaS, grounded in the robust modular OP Stack, focuses on high-performance optimization and a one-stop solution. 

Both opBNB and Combo Network are powered by NodeReal RaaS, and we have witnessed over 4,000 TPS on the blockchain itself after the mainnet launch. NodeReal is the only company supporting high-performance and scalable L2s on the mainnet now.

Furthermore, NodeReal RaaS solution provides a one-stop infrastructure stack with built-in components

opBNB (Mainnet)






Built in

Built in


Native bridge or 3rd parties (zkBridge, etc)

Native bridge or 3rd parties



Combo Explorer 

Node Service




Subgraph powered by Meganode




Particle network, TrustWallet, etc

Particle network, TrustWallet, etc

Blockchain Core

In 2023, we continued to contribute to and address high-performance challenges in top L1 blockchains. These crucial improvements have been transformed into the cornerstone of NodeReal’s blockchain service.  

  • High-Performance Blockchain
    • Released Erigon Client on BSC to handle one of the largest archive data sets among all the EVM blockchains in the most efficient way.
    • Launched Fast Finality in the BSC mainnet, reducing the BSC finality from 45 seconds to 7.5 seconds. 
    • Initiated exploration and released the first version of State Expiry to solve the state explosion issues. 
  • Blockchain Toolings on Decentralized Storage
    • The all-in-one developer tool DCellar makes the development on BNB Greenfield easier.
    • Unveiled BNB Greenfield Explorer with our innovative architecture. 

2024 Build One-Stop Solution for Mass Adoption

Every year, we envision Web3 welcoming 1 billion users, and 2024 holds great promise for bringing more innovative business ideas to attract additional Web2 users. Account Abstraction simplifies entry into the Web3 realm, while robust infrastructure eases the transition for projects, developers, and investors. According to the latest report by Electric Capital, there are over 22,000 monthly active developers. Industry influencers and research platforms, including a16z, Delphi Digital, and Messari, have shared optimistic forecasts for 2024, highlighting Web3's vast potential in DePIN, DeSoc, AI, Gaming, and DeFi.

As an infrastructure provider, we aim to expand our product offerings with high performance and scalability. We will maintain our focus on continuously developing high-performance and decentralized RaaS solutions and will also commit to enhancing scalable infrastructure and toolsets.

RaaS Next: Decentralization and Modularity

In 2024, RaaS remains one of our primary focuses as we endeavor to create a collection of Layer 2 solutions, each with distinct roles and responsibilities. This year is also about self-improvement; aiming high, we plan to enhance our RaaS with more decentralization and modularity to address several critical challenges:

  • Decentralized Sequencer Network: Currently, each L2 has its own sequencers, typically just a single sequencer, and attempts to achieve decentralization independently. A decentralized sequencer network will be introduced to share sequencers among different L2s. This will dramatically improve security and decentralization, and share the revenues from their growth. 
  • Decentralized Verifier Network: Usually, Optimistic Rollups assume that at least one verifier can check the state committed by the sequencer. However, most L2s are still in Stage 0 and it is quite complex and expensive for each L2 to build its verifiers to move to Stage 1. We will build a decentralized network of verifiers to encourage community participation and verify all L2 rollup statements.
  • Data Availability(DA): In 2024, EIP4844 will significantly improve the efficiency of L2 rollup. However, the blob data will temporarily be stored in the L1. Usually, to retain all the historical data, a solution for the permanent storage of rollup historical data is still needed.

Comprehensive High-Performance Infra and Tooling Suite

In the dynamic landscape of Web3, NodeReal is poised to revolutionize its offerings with significant enhancements to our core modular stack, aligning with decentralized components. 

  • MegaNode: Engineered to meet the demands of Web3's high-speed, high-performance ethos. MegaNode is not just about speed; it's about reliable rapidity in a world where every millisecond counts.
  • Explorer: Our Explorer goes beyond traditional data analysis, providing comprehensive statistics and insights. With real-time monitoring of blocks and transactions, it's designed to offer smart data solutions coupled with enhanced APIs. 
  • Bridge: Security isn't merely a feature; it's a cornerstone of our Bridge component.
  • Multi-Sig: The enhanced multi-sig function is more than just a safe; it's a fortress. Designed for the era of decentralization, it offers robust security protocols to ensure that assets are not just stored but secured.
  • Indexing Service (Subgraph): Our indexing service is where data transforms into wisdom. With an in-house subgraph, it's not just about indexing; it's about extracting meaningful insights from vast pools of data.
  • Tooling/SDK/API: The toolkit for the future is here. Whether it's Inscription, Gaming, DeSoc, DePIN, or dStorage, our tooling, SDKs, and APIs are crafted to empower developers in the Web3 space, enabling them to build, innovate, and transform ideas into reality.

Node(“Know the”) User Real 

2023 is a fruitful year as we continue to build the best infrastructure in the industry while maintaining enterprise-grade SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Looking ahead to 2024, a year full of promises for builders, NodeReal remains committed to continuous development,​​ laying the groundwork for Web3 mass adoption through RaaS and one-stop infra and tooling services. 

Simultaneously, we will collaborate with partners to create more “Real” large-scale dApps in emerging markets such as DeSoc, DePIN, Game, etc.., aiming to attract more Web2 users together. We appreciate all your support and let’s keep building and making Web3 Real together.

Ben Zhang,

NodeReal COO