NodeReal Monthly Updates - November 2022

This year has been fruitful for NodeReal, especially this past November: We shipped new products, new features, and signed many new partners among many other notable achievements. Check out this summary to catch up!

NodeReal Monthly Updates - November 2022

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Dear Community,

Time surely does fly. Can't believe we're already approaching the end of 2022. This year has been fruitful for NodeReal, especially this past November: We shipped new products, new features, and signed many new partners among many other notable achievements.

Missed all that? Here’s a summary for you. Enjoy!

Semita V2 Goes LIVE - Scalable Solutions for Large-Scale Blockchain Applications

The scalability challenges have been a major bottleneck in the massive adoption of Web3. NodeReal’s Semita was borns with the mission to help developers worldwide build their custom Application Chain (a must-read article about “Application Chain”!), or scale their blockchains with layer 2 solutions, like ZK Rollup and Optimistic Rollup. FNCY, one of the very first pioneers of the BNB Application SideChain, is powered by Semita and recently had its mainnet launch successfully. Find out more details HERE.

NodeReal API MarketPlace Now Supports PancakeSwap, Arbitrum, Covalent and Avalanche

To make your life as a developer easier, NodeReal provides a suite of blockchain APIs that simplify and optimize your API request across multiple chains significantly. We are excited to bring you PancakeSwapGraphQL APIs, Arbitrum Nova RPC [Beta], Avalanche C-Chain [Beta], and Covalent API on NodeReal’s API Marketplace. Yes, blisteringly fast expansion on API over the past one month! Start using, focus on the things that matter, and let NodeReal look after the rest for you.

TraceMove Features Updates - Your Go-To Aptos Explorer

Blockchain Explorer is the perfect way to conduct research and explore your favorite blockchain project. That’s why we bring you TraceMove, the go-to Explorer for the Aptos ecosystem. We made TraceMove more powerful last month, with feature updates including but not limited to:

  • Search Transaction with Transaction Version
  • Search by Coin Name and NFT Collection Name
  • Coin holder list has been added to the coin detail page
  • Account/Rich list is made available now

Explore a bit more now. You will love the BUIDL experience on Aptos with TraceMove.

Regardless of ongoing market conditions, NodeReal continues to put our focus on building and empowering developers. We’re excited to have partnered with a lot of new teams and projects in various domains like Games, DID, DeFi, etc, and got the opportunity to make their Web3 REAL. We earned significant recognition from partners including but not limited to Tiny World (one of the top projects  on BNB Chain by DAU), Noname.Monster, Tsunami, and ARC Market.

“To bring Blockchain game metaverse to life, we need to monitor events from blockchain and request the events(logs) millions of times per month from the node. Nodereal is one of the best node providers in the industry. Its MegaNode is very reliable and cost effective.” said  Tomas, the CEO of Tiny World.

In the past month, the NodeReal team has been busy attending various events to connect with communities around the globe. Below is a snapshot of some valuable sessions.

The Anatomy of the BNB Smart Chain Performance

Have you ever wondered how the BNB  Chain evolves to be one of the most popular and high-performance blockchain? Community contribution like NodeReal is one of the key reasons! In a recent AMA we did with BNB Chain, Jimmy Zhao, our Senior Solution Architect, conducted an anatomy of the BNB Smart Chain Performance and introduced NodeReal’s efforts. Check it out! you will be amazed by the tech contribution by NodeReal, just to highlight a few,  the Critical 3 Seconds, 99% Cache Hit Rate, Smooth validation, and Pipeline!

FNCY Mainnet with NodeReal: Pioneering BNB Application Sidechain

As the pioneer of the BNB Application Sidechain powered by NodeReal’s Semita, FNCY's mission is to bring entertainment powered by blockchain to the Metaverse. Check out the video below to find out how FNCY  Application Chain aims to bring “Blockchain in Everyday Life”

Starton Online Hackathon - Unleash Web3.0

In November, NodeReal teamed up with Starton on an online hackathon! As one of the main contributors, mentors, and judges, we are excited to have connected with dozens of outstanding teams and shared our insights on how NodeReal can help them ship better Web3 applications.

NodeReal at #Reinvent22

The #reInvent22 was a total blast! NodeReal enjoyed an incredible week at #Reinvent22. So grateful to the AWS team that looked after all the heroes! Please to have connected with many old and new friends of NodeReal.

Private Party with Certik and DoraHacks at WebSummit2022, Lisbon

The WebSummit2022 in Lisbon was a success. We had an awesome time with the teams from Certik and DoraHacks, both of which are our partners. With a shared vision to help developers worldwide innovate freely, teams like us will be working together more closely in all aspects.

[Coming Soon! ] Web3.0 Cloud Day by Alibaba Cloud

Dec,15th, Ben Zhang, Co-Founder & COO of NodeReal, will be joining an on-site panel in the Web3.0 Cloud Day held by Alibaba Cloud in Singapore! Ben will share his insights on “GameFi2.0 - A new era in Web3.0 games”. Come meet us if you will be there too! Let’s build #YourGatewaytoFuture.

Last but not least, great to share with you a REAL milestone that NodeReal's MegaNode has surpassed 10k users worldwide!

BUIDL with us and make your Web3 REAL. It’s never too late. 💜

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