Build your GameFi on BAS “Aries” Testnet

NodeReal is excited to announce the launch of BAS “Aries”, the BAS Testnet built by NodeReal, aiming to be the next-gen infrastructure for GameFi.

Build your GameFi on BAS “Aries” Testnet

We have witnessed the flourishing development of Blockchain aApps over recent years, especially the exponential growth of GameFi. According to Dappradar’s latest Blockchain GameFi Report, there are ~1.1million unique active wallets connected daily to a blockchain game on average in February 2022. The prominent momentum also comes with unavoided challenges, among which, the blockchain scalability issue is most mentioned across community forums.

Hence, BNB Application SideChain (BAS) was introduced as an innovative solution to this. It was born with the mission to fulfill BNB Chain’s vision to operate at the crossroads of a decentralized blockchain future and improve its scalability and interoperability.

NodeReal, a one-stop blockchain infra & service provider, has teamed up with both Ankr and Celer Network, to establish a framework for creating side chains in the BNB Chain ecosystem and bring this solution to life.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of BAS “Aries”, the BAS Testnet built by NodeReal, aiming to be the next-gen infrastructure for GameFi.

Is BAS the Solution of GameFi?

BNB Chain Application SideChain (BAS), in a nutshell, is an infrastructure that enables developers to build large-scale BSC-based applications with increased throughput and significantly reduced or even zero transaction fees. It can be used as an internal value system for many users, offloading the traffic from BSC Mainnet while remaining connected to the BNB Chain.

Compared with other existing sidechains, for example, Avalanche Subnet, BAS has many different features. It’s more flexible, holistic, and easy to use. Developers and node operators can implement BAS in various ways, including PoS sidechains (in Phase1) and ZKRollups. BAS also allows them to set their own validator set, custom gas fees, and even launch their own tokens running on the BEP121 format.

Infrastructure wise, BAS provides holistic support to the BNB Chain ecosystem, ranging from bridge, wallets, tooling & API, to node providers.

Try it Out: Build your First dApp on BAS

Developers and builders in GameFi, and the overall blockchain innovation who want to run high-performance projects are able to move fast through building on BAS. Below are some key aspects you need to know when deploying a dApp on BAS.

1. Set the Infra Up

Here you have two options. You can choose to leverage a reliable infrastructure provider (like us!) or set up your own.

  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS): Leveraging a BaaS provider allows you to proceed quickly without needing to invest time and resources in setting up enterprise-grade infrastructure. NodeReal and Ankr are the two main players in this area.

At NodeReal, we provide you with one-stop infrastructures and services, including but not limited to RPC, API node, and Archive node. NodeReal will be responsible for all future upgrades and 24x7 SLA support. It’s worth mentioning that we currently offer a 3-month MegaNode Growth Plan Free Trial Campaign, you should take advantage of this campaign to test and try our super high-speed performance. Contact us to discuss further or if you need any kind of support.

The BAS “Aries” Testnet built by us, will meet your need for custom blockchain features. It brings a fabulous solution in a box that can be easily adapted. Large-scale dApps such as GameFi, will be sure to benefit from it, with the ability to withstand more active users and daily transactions.

Testnet Info:

🔗 RPC:

🔗 Explorer:

🔗 Faucet:

  • Set up your own network: If you prefer to set up a network by yourselves, you can refer to the dev docs prepared by us for a quick guide on how to launch a BAS.

2. Deploy your dApp

Next up, you can proceed to deploy your GameFi dApp on BAS! Below are the key aspects you will need to note:

  • Connect your wallets: BAS supports MetaMask, TrustWallet, and all the existing BNB Chain Wallets. Here is a guide on how to use MetaMask for BAS. You can get the gas token “ARS” from BAS Aries Testnet here.
  • Choose your favorite development tools: There are sufficient dev tools you can leverage on BAS, ranging from smart contracts, IDE & Libraries to Faucet. Refer to this documentation if needed.
  • Issue NFT token: NFTs are essential to a GameFi project. On BAS “Aries”, we will use Presets contracts in OpenZeppelin Contracts. Read this tutorial to know how to Deploy NFT on BAS easily.
  • Issue BEP20 token: For fungible tokens, BAS applies the same BEP20 standard as BSC. Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how to issue BEP20 tokens.

3. Design your dApp

Building a GameFi dApp could be easy, but having a sustainable one is a different ball game. There are multiple dimensions you will need to take into consideration, ranging from tokenomics, user experience, to marketing strategy. Below are two insightful articles that are very worth reading, helping you to get a holistic view of GameFi and learn how to build a sustainable project.

With all the above being said, start building your first dApp on BAS “Aries” and give it a try! For more information, please refer to our dev documentation or feel free to reach us via

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